About the Blog

My blog is about living heathen in the modern world. My focus is on living well and coming up with strategies for getting ahead in life. You can expect to find my ramblings on philosophy, religion, and life. Particularly, my ideas on how to apply my philosophy in everyday life.

I missed out on learning most of the basic lessons in life when I was a kid, somehow. So now I’m an old college student learning to survive in the world. I post things that I feel will help others in my position to become the person they want to be.

That involves a lot of philosophy and religion, but also includes the occasional post on how to get ahead in life (i.e. save money, clean the bathroom, start a garden). It’s easy to talk about the heathen tradition of good housekeeping, for example, but most of us didn’t grow up with such a tradition. Pretending we know how to be good heathens assumes a level of basic life skills we don’t all possess. So I’m creating this blog as a kind of Life 101: Remedial Growing Up for those of us who failed the first course.


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